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Renewing the Mind 101 


Do you have the Renewing the Mind 101 study book? Here you can find all the downloadable resources and printable's to help you on your journey.

Renewing the Mind 101 forms

(Click on the links for a free download)

Fall 2019 Renewing the Mind 101 Study Pack

Weekly Tracker

"Think on Model" worksheet

Scripture Journaling worksheet

Preferred & actual day assessment

Faith Actions Tracker

Personal goals worksheet

Mirror Exercise - Affirmations

Online Support

Are you looking for a support group for women then visit the ministry Facebook group 'Tapestry of beauty'. This group consists of wonderful accountability.

1 on 1 Coaching

Are you looking for me to coach you through the renewing the mind process.?

This is available for a small fee. Please contact me on

Video Support

This can be found via our You Tube Channel

Podcast recordings of spoken affirmations and encouragement can be located on Sound cloud


Renewing of the Mind 101 By Sophia Tucker


Study Bible

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