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Day 5 - Overcoming Insecurity

21 Day Challenge - Through The Holiday's

By Susan Dixon

The holiday season means fellowship, fun and an abundance of food. Every dish brought to the table a gastronomic delight and everyone eating like it is their last supper.

For the holiday season 2019 what are we to do?

Are we going to over eat to people please and fit in?

The pressure and temptation are real, however we must pause to examine truths, and identify lies that can impact and derail us during the holidays. In my own life insecurity led me to eat just like everyone else in 2018 which led to a binge I could not stop for 7 months. There were mitigating circumstances like grief and lack of sleep; however the problem started with people pleasing.

In “I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat) author Barb Raveling challenges us to recognize the lies we believe from family and friends. Using the 3 Insecurity sections “Feeling Rejected or Condemned; Living Up to Expectations; and People Pleasing” I found answers as I studied and prayed. I had to examine myself using tips, suggestions, questions and the most importantly scripture praying the insecurity bible verses.

Today’s Challenge is Scripture Prayers.

According to Renewing the Mind 101 “Scripture Prayer is taking scripture and writing prayers that we can pray daily.”

The Steps to writing Scripture Prayers as seen in RTM101.

1. “Find a scripture that is relevant to the toxic thought you are trying to renew your mind about.”

2. “Take time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show how you can apply this scripture to your life”

3. “Once you have prayed, you are going to write this out in your own words coupled with what truths God placed on your heart.”

RTM Tool of the Day: Scripture Prayer

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing

Dear Heavenly Father, I marvel in the reality that you are with me. You are mighty to save, you love me and you delight in me. When I am insecure with the temptation and pressure to people please I remember YOU, my personal victorious warrior fighting for me. I confess my sins I have committed while people pleasing. I repent from making an idol of avoiding conflict, and neglecting your will for me. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for stilling my heart. Thank you for your quiet love giving assurance you are rejoicing over me by singing. I know I am your child, I am loved by you, and you are with. Amen.

TODAY’s CHALLENGE: Scripture Prayer- Insecurity. Write out a Scripture Prayer using ONE of the following verses: Psalms 91:2-4; Psalms 139:13-15; or Jeremiah 31:3-4. Share below.



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