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Day 11 - Building Boundary Lines + FREE PRINTABLE

Through the Holidays

BY April Neal

"Thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day." Psalm 25:5

Our Western culture is very proactive concerning setting time for healthy practices, education, family time, "me" time and "play" time. What we don't seem to feel guilty about is JESUS TIME.

The Bible is very clear that we need to connect with our Savior on a regular basis. Jesus prayed several times a day and even though he was a part of God, that connection was still necessary for the power to love and serve as He did.

Setting boundaries in our lives helps us to keep in mind that something is precious and important. Most of us, our moms or others we know have things that are "OFF LIMITS", no touching.

We certainly experience that in the world around us. So too must be our time with Jesus. I cannot love my children, my husband, you, or anyone else enough to help save them from the enemy if I don't connect the way God wants me to. I cannot possibly do that if I don't spend time with Jesus.

Think About It:

How are you putting boundaries on your time with Jesus?

Do you protect this time, keep it sacred and necessary?

If we compared it to bathing, eating, sleeping....does that time hold as much weight?


Today, we will discover Scripture that helps us to remember that we need this time. Please read the following Scriptures and turn them into Affirmations: (You can add to this list and post them in places you tend to drift to throughout the day.)

Matthew 6:6

Mark 1:35

Psalm 62:1


One of the best ways to write scripturally-based affirmations is through Scripture Journaling it is a process of combining truth and studying the scriptures, taking our thoughts and aligning them with Christ's perspective. I have an updated guide and worksheet to help you.


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