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How to re-wire your mind!

Have you ever watched a movie and you thought it was going to be a good movie?

You settle down to watch it and then all of a sudden you see an image that really disturbed you. You switch it off or even wind it forward to the next scene. But lo and behold it is too late that image is in your mind and you can’t get it out.

What we meditate on can really impact us.

Well our minds our powerful and what we put in them good or bad plays out like a movie.

My husband has been a film editor for many years and it’s easy for him to use the tools he has to make continuous edits BUT first you have to be trained in those tools in order to utilise them fully. I do know one thing - you have to feed the program the data and then you can edit.

However we have this special gift of the Holy Spirit our master editor Praise God, he knows everything. With His help and us taking the reins as co-editor we can rewrite that movie and all the script.

In time whenever we face triggers of negative thoughts we can redirect our thoughts back to Him, Our beloved, how He loves us and cares for us.

Renewing our mind of negative thinking is an act of Love to our God. We are slowly but surely removing our negative and wrong thinking about God which prevents us from loving Him in the right way.

I want to do this because I want to love the Only One who loves us with all His Heart, His Soul, His Mind and All His Strength.



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