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Baby Steps for new homeschoolers

I have been through a journey with homeschooling over the years from thinking I needed to do too much formal work to then realising that learning through play is a great way to learn whilst adding in some more complex sides of things.

Your decision to home school is amazing and I am here with you through every step.

1. Give everything to the Lord in prayer

This is a big decision I firstly suggest definitely giving this all to the Lord for his wisdom and insight to help you both find the best ways to teach your children and build a godly foundation for them.

2. Why are you homeschooling? Its good to know why you are doing what your doing and how your going to do including what suits your lifestyle and family need's. The bonus of schooling from home is that it does not have to fit in with the way it is done elsewhere. You can spend as little or as much time as you want teaching. If your children are still young just have lots of fun and make it exciting you dont have to go heavy with him at this stage.

3. De-school If your children were in school or if indeed you have been or are a teacher I highly recommend taking time out to de-school. Spend time with your children and get to know each other. I used to keep notes about all my childrens likes and dislikes and also took to understand their individual learning styles.

4. Be in unity with your husband

If you are married then I can 100% say that it is very very important for you to both be in unity about homeschooling. Know the roles you will both play. Different seasons will call for varied input. For the first 8 years of homeschooling I did most of the homeschooling myself. Now we are in a new season and my husband is working from home and we share a lot of the planning and work together.

5. Do not be led by other families

This one has been a big one for me over the years. I knew no one that home schooled so I followed and modelled those who had gone before me. However I quickly realised that everyone has a different style, motive and agenda when it comes to education and it took me some time to discover my own. So I encourage research and reading as much as you can about learning but make God your number 1 in planning and His agenda above everyone else. When you have it write it down and meditate on it OFTEN. I am hugely passionate about this and believe that WE as parents can give our children the best education there is. TRULY! Soph xxxx


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