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Taste For Truth - FFEE Bible study  October 2018

This Fall we will be studying the book Freedom From Emotional Eating by Barb Raveling.

What is Taste for Truth?

Taste for Truth is a study based on overcoming the idol of food through the power of renewing our minds via the mind of Christ and His Word. Our study is based off a book written by Barb Raveling.

How long will the study run for?

This study will start 5th October and run for 8 weeks concluding on the 25th November 2018.

How can I participate?

There are a number of ways to participate.

  • We have a dedicated support group that I run on Facebook. The group consists of a great community of women on the same journey where we have discussion posts based off the questions from the study. We also have daily accountability posts and weekly weigh in posts where you can find personal encouragement.

  • We have x2 weekly live bible studies that are run via an online program called Zoom which will be recorded and posted on Youtube if you happen to miss any.

  • You can visit this website for updates, blog posts and videos by myself and guest writers. There is also a forum for members for accountability and conversation.

What do I need to take part?

Please sign up by clicking on the link below for your free guide, introduction, schedule, freebies and accountability worksheets. I will send these to your inbox straight away.


You will also need to purchase the study guides on Amazon or via Kindle. I have provided links for such below.




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