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Top tips to be a GREAT accountability partner

Accountability is key in every area of life but when I am completing a study, training or leading a group I wholeheartedly believe that accountability is of utmost priority.

I am currently leading a study on renewing the mind with over 1000 members and whilst there is accountability as a group which is great I encourage accountability partners 1 on 1 or in a small group. Even Jesus had his 12. I have accountability in many areas of life even with my own family members and its great to see not only our relationship flourish but the rewards have been great. To be honest I believe that these tips are great for any friendship.

So for those who are interested in starting there are many questions that come up such as How? Who? How often? What makes me a good accountability partner?

Below are some benefits and tips I have found over time and ones I personally want to improve with my accountability partners.


  1. Be committed, focused and available

  2. Pray for your accountability partner daily

  3. Share your goals with each other and ask your partner what areas in particular you would like them to keep a watchful eye over.

  4. Agree on a regular time to meet online or in person. Consider a FaceTime, Skype call or other video chat at a specific time, or simply just agree to meet on Facebook messenger.

  5. Agree on boundaries and inform one another when is the best time to contact each other including how long you need to respond to their questions.

  6. Be honest and transparent with your partner.

  7. Commit to CONFIDENTIALITY. This I cannot emphasise enough I have seen many broken relationships because people did not use discretion.

  8. If you are unsure on an answer to give your partner, be honest that you don't know but you commit to praying about it asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom. God will provide you everything you need to help another person if you ask in faith.

  9. Encourage your accountability partner to pray about all circumstances, direct them to God, the Word and/or a Pastor if there are bigger issues that need to be addressed.


  1. Statiscally those who have accountability have higher rates of success.

  2. You are going to get honest feedback. Such as “how does this action affect your goals?”

  3. You are more likely to follow through when you know you have to give account to someone else regularly

  4. We get to learn from the successes and mistakes of others. Going through this together is powerful and you will be able to share the lessons learned.

  5. You get to (God willing) build a great unit of fellowship and friendship.

I pray that as you develop your accountability partnerships that you will be truly blessed.

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