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I am very passionate about homeschooling and I have been committed to homeschooling for 8 years to my 3 sons. I know homeschooling is not for everyone but for our family and I know for many others it was the best decision we ever made. Homeschooling in the UK has its unique benefits and challenges and there are many changes here but we are greatly encouraged by fellow homeschoolers from around the world. I am committed to supporting families both here in England and around the world in their decision to choose alternative education.


Our homeschooling journey the short version.


  • My first encounters with homeschooling was as a younger lady visiting my hairdressers home to have my hair braided and she had made the decision to homeschool her children. I was amazed by their dedication to teaching their children, how smart the children was and mostly their natural love for learning. I did not know that many years later that this would be a great influence and encouragement for me.


  • Fast forward many years later and I gave birth to my 1st son. I was very well prepared to put him in nursery and school and I would return to work but when he turned 1 years old I had a different opinion and encounter that would change my life forever. I received a vision by the Lord that I was to homeschool my son and future children. He showed me characteristics of my son that meant he would be best suited at home. I can indeed say that through the years these character traits in my son are ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I was then introduced to a teaching by Voddie Baucham on raising your children and I was convinced that this was the path for us. My husband was fully on board and we made the firm decision to do this. I won't say that it has been a bed of roses but that is for another post. But please be encouraged that regardless of whether you are a christian or not education is such a big decision and consider all options before jumping straight into a final plan.


This site I hope will be a non stop place you can get tips, encouragement, resources, deals and offers for all your homeschooling needs. Whether you just want to educate for nursery years or all the way through to college know that you are not alone.


Soon to come…..

Homeschooling VLOG series

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