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My Testimony (Brief)

The Lord was clearly pursuing me all throughout my childhood by a variety of dreams, encounters and miraculous life saving events not to mention the countless prayers from my wider family. However I believed in God all my life but found it a struggle to give up my old ways and felt that God expected perfection and this was something I could not give. I struggled with many many difficulties, fears and insecurities. God one day got my attention when my life had literally hit rock bottom. At the age of 22 I encountered God through a dear friend of mine and I never looked back. I can not say that when I became a Christian that it was an easy start in fact things got harder before they got better as I realised truly the state I was in. I started to minister as a worship leader and met my husband who was then ordained to be a Pastor. I can truly say that my life is so different and I am totally a new person as I continue to learn more about our heavenly Father and grow in relationship with Him. My mission is to see others experience the total and fully wholehearted love that He has for us. To witness the true transformation that is possible. I am honoured that He chose me to be a witness and ambassador. 

Now together me and my husband are involved in ministry together and are excited about the future He has for us.

I have much on my heart to share and I pray you will find great encouragement and growth through the posts I and guests write and also engage in the online bible studies I hold here regularly.

Please see below my most recent blog posts on faith.

Below are some resources I have been truly a blessing in my life.

Resources & Ministries

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