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Experience freedom and true transformation through the biblical approach of Renewing The Mind Romans 12:2. This is the promise that God has given us that as we change our thinking, thoughts and ways to be conformed to His Word transformation, breakthrough and peace is made available to us.

God touched my heart ver 4 years ago in the area of mind renewal. He drastically changed my life from weightloss to breaking the stronghold of fear and countless other ways in my life.

I made the commitment to the Lord that I would dedicate the rest of my life to teaching others what He showed me to live out a life of peace.

Through authoring a book on renewing the mind and running a ministry for 4 years dedicated to helping women find freedom through renewing the mind the Lord has now led me on this path to give 1:1 coaching and small group coaching to walk through the steps of renewing the mind specifically to areas in your life this can include weight loss, freedom from fear, conquering anxiety, building strong marriages, divine health, peaceful relationships, parenting, homeschooling and much more.

It is my honor to serve you to find freedom and breakthrough in your life.

In Him x

To hear more of my story listen to my podcast here:

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What happens in renewing the mind coaching sessions?

Renewing the Mind is simple but requires planning, support, dedication, commitment, and a clear strategy. It is a shame that this is taught in limited amounts within the church. In our sessions, we will discuss and you will be taught renewing the mind strategies specifically targeted to the areas you need help in. The bible will be the foundation of our coaching sessions coupled with a personalized program built that will help you come to the Lord and build your relationship with Him and guide you in replacing thoughts holding you captive with truths of the precious Word of God.

How much does it cost?

I am here to help that's my number one priority and I can work with you to come to an arrangement and plan that suits your needs. Contributions are welcome at $20 for 30 minutes, $40 per hour and it is $40 per month for group coaching sessions(Groups are limited to 10-12 participants maximum)

What is your background?

My ultimate background is being a dedicated and devoted minister of God being led by my precious Holy Spirit. I have been trained within my previous church in ministry and leadership. My husband is an ordained Pastor-Evangelist and we have our own disciple-making ministry called Ekballo Ministries. I also run a global women's ministry called Tapestry Of Beauty. I am currently working towards my official coaching qualification. I am a Christian author of Renewing The Mind 101 and RTM Health Journals.

When are you available?

Many of my clients live in the USA and I live in England. However, I am flexible with my times. I am available Mondays to Thursdays and I hold group sessions during the week and on Saturdays. I am also available for trial sessions.


Coaching Services
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